Matthew 27: 57-65

Take a moment to be still and to pray ‘Come, Holy Spirit’ before reading the scriptures. If you are in the company of others, invite someone to read the text aloud.

If you are gathering with your family, invite someone to read this reflection aloud.

Holy Saturday can easily be overlooked. So much happened yesterday. So much awaits us tomorrow. Resting between the events of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, we find the crucified Jesus laying in Joseph’s tomb, at peace. Even though on the surface nothing really happens, Holy Saturday invites us to rest in grace and consider the tension between promise and fulfilment.

We find ourselves in this tension point all the time, as it invites us to do something that we’re not very good at: wait. Eager to rush ahead, we can miss out on the wonder of waiting. Time for us to learn to create space for God to enlarge us and His intentions.

Christ’s crucifixion took many by surprise, yet no-one expected that resurrection would take place. In the stillness of the in-between space, the scope of fulfilment was enlarged.

Today, can I encourage you and your family to take a real break by practicing Sabbath together? If you want some help around what it looks like to weave a Sabbath rhythm into your week, we have created a simple practice guide which you can access here.

Slow down today. Consider the quiet significance of Holy Saturday. Take a few moments to reflect in prayer or in conversation the promises that God has assured you of. As you reflect in the space between promise and fulfilment, what parts of your life may God be seeking to enlarge in you?

Depending on which time of day you are practicing this office, you can use the morning or evening prayer. All to pray the following words aloud.

Christ behind us in all of our yesterdays.
Christ with us in our today.
Christ before us in all of our tomorrows,
Alpha and Omega, Christ, Lord of all.

By the wounds and the blood of the Lamb, may God guard us and keep us.


If you are gathering with your family, wait a moment and listen for the voice of God. Prayerfully share any words, pictures, encouragements or scriptures with each other by the laying on of hands.

Whether you are by yourself, or in the company of others, take time to pray for others that the Holy Spirit brings to mind, blessing them in His name.

Close your time by singing or saying aloud the Doxology.

“Fight back the dark with doxology. Doxology can detox the day.”

Ann Voskamp

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, you heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!
Amen and Amen.