Due to Coronavirus we have taken both our Kids and Youth environments online. Our vision and purpose with both Kids and Youth remains the same as before, secure, supportive, Spirit filled environments for kids and young people to discover who Jesus is and the life he has made available to them. It’s a new adventure for us as we learn and navigate this journey with creativity and intentionality, we hope you are excited for the journey to.






Kids (Little Party & Big Party)
Ages 2-11

Despite the clear challenges and pinch points presented by Covid-19 we have been excited as a team to continue to figure out creative solutions to help our kids engage with the life of Jesus. This has now led us to Party People LIVE!! Yes!! It is just as exciting as it sounds!!

On Sunday mornings from 10-10:20am before House Church we will be streaming our Party People programme LIVE from our Party People Studio in the venue!

Every Sunday one of our amazing Party People leaders will host you through a jam packed 20 minutes with all the elements that make our Sunday mornings in Little Party or Big Party special, worship, story, games, quizzes and a lot of fun!

Our heart is that this will help all of our Party People join in and participate, maybe even some of you grown ups will find yourselves off the sofa and jumping around your living room!


Youth (House Party & Search Party)
Ages 11-18

As we have adjusted to new normals our youth teams have been dreaming about what youth could look like this term. It may look and feel a little different but we are delighted to say that we are back! 

Regardless of the restrictions our vision and purpose is the same, to create secure, supportive, spirit filled environments for young people to discover who Jesus is and the life he has made available to them 

From October both of our House Party and Search Party environments will be up and running in a safe, socially distanced in person environment

Keep an eye on your emails and socials as we will have more information and details that we are excited to share with you very soon..



Over the past few months with everything that was going on we realised a real need for perspective as Jesus followers and this birthed our LVV Youth Podcast. We are happy to say that it is here to stay!

From October we will be back with weekly episodes discussing some of the big topics for teenagers in the space and time we find ourselves. Chris will be inviting some of his trusted youth leaders and friends to have conversations and discussions that will be a great source of wisdom and insight. These will be perfect to listen to on the go! Each Podcast will be between 15-20mins so they are perfect to listen to on the bus, walking to school, wherever you find yourself!


LVV | COVID-19 Youth Policy