Due to Coronavirus we have taken both our Kids and Youth environments online. Our vision and purpose with both Kids and Youth remains the same as before, secure, supportive, Spirit filled environments for kids and young people to discover who Jesus is and the life he has made available to them. It’s a new adventure for us as we learn and navigate this journey with creativity and intentionality, we hope you are excited for the journey to.



Kids (Little Party & Big Party)
Ages 2-11

Despite the clear challenges and pinch points presented by Covid-19 we have been excited as a team to figure out creative solutions to help our kids engage with the life of Jesus. This has led us to Party People at Home!

On Sunday morning you will see an email in your inbox named ‘PARTY PEOPLE THIS SUNDAY’. 

In this email you open it to find a recorded video from one of our amazing Party People leaders. This video will walk you through that Sunday’s Party People programme at home. The programme will include all the elements that make our Sunday mornings in Big Party and Little Party special, worship, story, craft, video & more. Parents, I know so many of you have dreamt of being a Party People leader, well now is your time!! Wherever you find yourself, living room, kitchen or garden, it is now a Party room!

The email will be scheduled at 7am, which gives you plenty of time as a family to engage with our Sunday Party People programme before House Church at 10:30am. 

If you are not receiving these emails and would like to, email Chris at chris@laganvalleyvineyard.com

Youth (House Party & Search Party)
Ages 11-18


Just like Kids, we are also doing House Party at Home! We realise that one of main disciplers of our young people are you guys, the parents! Therefore we want to provide you with resources and content to not only put into the hands of our young people, but also you all as a family. 

Every Sunday at 1pm you will find our House Party at Home video here that will host you through that week’s programme.In the video Chris, or one of our House Party leaders will introduce the content for the week ahead. We will recap and overview where we have been in the previous weeks and give some helpful questions, pointers and tips to help them engage with the provided resources. We will also provide some guidance for parents to be involved with the content.


We have set up a Youth Instagram page, @lvv_youth where young people can find ways to keep connected to other young people and also obtain access to daily content.. YES… daily!!! So tell them to follow us ASAP! From Monday – Friday we will be posting daily devotions for the youth of LVV to engage with. Our daily devotions include 3 easy components, a bible passage, a practice and a prayer. We understand that for a lot of us, our daily rhythms and habits have gone, this is an excellent way to gain some daily structure and rhythm to your week.


In light of everything going on we need some perspective as Jesus followers. Every week we will be posting a youth podcast discussing some of the big topics surrounding teenagers at this moment in time with COVID-19. Chris will be inviting some of his trusted youth leaders and friends to have conversations and discussions that will be a great source of wisdom and insight. 


Just like our adult huddles (head to the huddle page for more info) we are also running Youth Huddles to stay connected as a community. If your teenager would like to join a huddle simply drop our Instagram account a message or email chris@laganvalleyvineyard.com