Our Story

It is hard to say exactly when the journey of Lagan Valley Vineyard began, for some of us it is the realisation of a dream we have been carrying for more than twenty years.

That being said things began to take the shape you now see towards the end of 2011, beginning of 2012 when we (Mark and Yvette Wilkinson and Andrew and Dana Masters) connected.Together with our families we began to pray. It became clear very quickly that Jesus was inviting us to give our lives to Lisburn and the surrounding areas. All four of us were then and are now, desperate to see the life of Christ come to every person and every part of our city.


Lead Team

LVV Lead Team

Mark and Yvette Wilkinson and Andrew and Dana Masters planted Lagan Valley Vineyard in October 2012 with their children and a few friends.
They love leading the church together!


Andrew Masters
Lead Pastor
Yvette Wilkinson
Compassion Pastor
James Toal
Worship Pastor
Chris McNaught
Youth Pastor
Laura Arnold
Operations Manager
Caila Cunningham
Administrative Assistant
Stuart Bothwell
WTC Hub Director
Michael Wright
Sound & Graphics Creative

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