Our Story

It is hard to say exactly when the journey of Lagan Valley Vineyard began, for some of us it is the realisation of a dream we have been carrying for most of our lives. 

That being said things began to take the shape you see now in the beginning of 2012 when Mark and Yvette Wilkinson and Andy and Dana Masters connected.Together with their families they began to pray. It became clear very quickly that Jesus was inviting them to give their lives to Lisburn and the surrounding areas and to invite others into a radical pursuit of Christ and His Kingdom. Things have grown significantly since then but the dream remains unchanged, we are longing to see the life of Christ come to every person and every part of the city and the surrounding areas.


Andrew Masters
Senior Pastor
Stuart Bothwell
Executive Pastor (On Shared Parental Leave)
Yvette Wilkinson
Compassion Pastor
James Toal
Worship Pastor
Chris McNaught
Youth Pastor
Amy Woods
Youth Pastor
Cherith Loper
Children's Pastor
Lauren Jackson
Connection Pastor
Hannah Toal
Director of Training & WTC
Michael Wright
Tech Coordinator
Alex Hamilton
Admin Assistant
Stephen Moore
Office and Finance Administrator
Julie Hoey
City Vision



Board of Trustees

Mark Wilkinson
Board Chairman
Emma Wilson
Pastoral Assistant / Board Member
Stephen Bradley
Board Member
Andrew Wilson
Board Member
Simon Tiernan
Board Member
Ruth Major
Board Member

We’re a part of the Vineyard Movement

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