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Compassion – Nominate Someone – HOPE

25th Jul

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Do you know someone who our church can give a gift of HOPE to?

We are giving Gifts of HOPE to doors.

We are helping tidy gardens.

Our church wants to bring HOPE and help in local community and you may know someone who could benefit from a HOPE gift pack to their door. 

You can nominate someone HERE for a gift of HOPE or for garden help. 


What is a Gift of HOPE?
LVV give a quality pack containing items of HOPE including gifts, sweet treats, a hand written card of encouragement and a pocket book of HOPE or prayer. We include contact details for LVV Church and community. This gift pack is carefully dropped to each door by hand with a smile and a few gentle words of connection and encouragement. 

What is garden help?
Church volunteers help in gardens in our community. We simply help cut grass, plant and chat. We carry hope in community and we are a generous church. 

Our church wants to bring HOPE and help in local community.  Do you know someone who could benefit? Simply fill in this short application to nominate someone you know. (please ask their permission) Initially we will contact you and you will link us at LVV to the householder. We make that easy for you. 


HOPE stories

“Thank you for my gift bag of HOPE you brought to my door. It lifted my mood and the person was so kind. It’s nice to know people care. Thank you”

“The Hope bag had a water bottle and sweets and lots of things for me to enjoy and your card was so nice to receive”

I had experienced abuse in my home and moved to a new street. My neighbours said the garden was an embarrassment to the street. It really got me down. I cannot thank you enough for my tidy garden and the bulbs coming up by my path. I love it.”

“As a wheelchair user I could not weed the paved garden myself, the area was too big and overgrown. You took away all the weeds and washed the paving and now I have a place outside to enjoy. Thank you”


Would you like to help?

You can help us serve the person you nominate or you can volunteer at any LVV compassion opportunity. Opportunities are varied and available for all ages and abilities to volunteer on our website. Please see our event pages for volunteer opportunities. Our goal is that anyone can enjoy volunteering. If you would like to talk to us about accessibility or inclusion, we would love to hear from you by phone 02892671887 or email yvette@laganvalleyvineyard.com 


25th Jul

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