These prayer guides are to encourage you, accompany you, and guide you deeper in intimacy with God as you journey in prayer.

Each week we release a new guide with a slightly different focus to help you in being still, embracing silence to then talking to God about your own life, the joys the sorrows as well as lifting up those around you and contend and intercede for breakthrough in the world around us. 

Sign up HERE for, ‘Stay At Your Post’ an hour prayer slot, grab your bible, find a space and click on a guide and let’s journey in prayer together.

Commit to Pray – Stay At Your Post

We are called to stay at our posts in prayer and live a life of sacrifice that goes beyond convenience.

Stay At Your Post is a way to sign-up and be part of a community that is praying. A community that is seeking God in prayer 24-7!’

When we speak He listens. He moves. He is lifted high. We are changed.

Party People Prayer

The way of Jesus and all He makes available to us is for the very youngest to the oldest!

We are called to have childlike faith and who better to learn what that looks like as seeing children pray BIG + BOLD prayers!

Party People Prayer is a short 15 minute prayer activity that families can engage in together, learning the simplicity of prayer as well as the power of it in your everyday life.

We love to hear and see our Party People’s prayers, pictures and stories of answered prayer. Click here to share!