Community is at the core of who we are.

As a community of people we desire to embody lives that are committed to Jesus and to others. Huddles create a space to connect to one another, pray together, welcome the Holy Spirit and read the scriptures. 

At our core we desire the family of LVV to be a community of resilient Jesus followers. We believe there is power in meeting together to be able to do this. We need one another, as we learn to navigate all of life’s difficulties and to celebrate the wins. 

Who are Huddles for?

Huddles are for anyone who would like to be in one (see ages below) of 3 – 6 individuals or couples connecting bi-weekly online; whatsapp, zoom or facetime. 

House Party Huddles: 10 (P7) – 13 

Search Party Huddles: 14 – 18 

Young Adult Huddles: 18 – 25 

Adults: 25+


How do I join?

Follow the sign up link below and register to a Huddle. We aim to connect you with your leader as soon as possible for you to begin connecting. 

You may want to keep connected to your existing Huddle from 2020. We kindly ask that you still sign up if this applies to you. 

If you have a group of friends you are already journeying with and want to sign up as a group you can do that. We ask that you sign up as normal even if you have a group already formed, let us know in the notes who you are with.  Each group requires a facilitator, let us know in the notes who this will be in your huddle.  

You can sign up for a Huddle HERE


Resources for your Huddle:

We have added this resource list as helpful guides for Discipleship and meaningful conversation: 

•  321 Devotional Email: Sent out every Sunday with scriptures, questions, practices and prayers. 

*If you would like to receive this email, please contact office@laganvalleyvineyard.com

  • •  Prayer Course with 24/7 prayer: Pete Greig takes us through a 7 session programme on gaining confidence and authority in your prayer life. 

  • https://prayercourse.org/sessions/

  • •. Foundation courses: In the Equip section of our website you will find a number of resources for you to choose from. 


•  Jon Tyson, “Burden is a light” book and discussion guide. 


Whatever you decide to do as a group our hope is that huddles allow you the space to connect, pray together, welcome the Holy Spirit and read the scriptures. 

You can sign up for a Huddle HERE


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact: