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Homes for Ukraine | How You Can Help

30th Jun

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Welcome to a chat about the growing community interested in providing homes for individuals and families seeking refuge here in Northern Ireland.

To offer your own home/room, you will need to register yourself with the government initiative.  LVV cannot do this for you. 

When you have registered yourself with the government initiative you will receive a response from any number of agencies linking you in. Follow their guidance. We understand that the two agencies currently leading in vetting homes are EXTERN and Barnardos, so they may be in touch! However, there are several agencies in this initiative and we aren’t able to see the whole picture.

Starfish is the one organisation that has contacted LVV to date, and they have already begun matching. You can read more here and can contact Starfish yourself.

Starfish are seeking to group your registration via postcode with others in the same area and are encouraging hubs in postcode areas. That’s where churches seem to come in. Starfish are encouraging churches and community groups to act as hubs in order to foster support and contact among Ukrainian refugees moving here.

Churches as hubs? 
Talking together means we can share. Sharing often leads to solutions. From this peer collective of registered homes, we hope to see new creative ways to help emerge. For example, already people are talking of renting a house with a group from LVV and sponsoring the rent together. You can be part of this conversation, even if you have not registered your own home! 

If you have any further ideas please share them by emailing yvette@laganvalleyvineyard.com 

Register your interest here

Then, email office@laganvalleyvineyard.com  to let us know you have registered.

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30th Jun

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