At Lagan Valley Vineyard, we are passionate about our children and young people discovering who Jesus is, learning to follow him and to do all the things he did and more! The scriptures are important in all of our environments; we understand that it’s not just for reading, it’s for doing. Our kids and youth environments are places that we celebrate what Jesus did in our week and what better way to do this than to throw a party!

Our Party People environments are led by Jess McConaghie + Chris McNaught. We also have our wonderful interns and incredible volunteers who are integral parts of our Party People family and who serve our children with passion and love. They help us to create our fun-filled and spirit-led environments that engage our children with our loving Father, help them to explore faith with Jesus and encourage encounters with the Holy Spirit. We really couldn’t do what we do without them! 

Our passion is that all children and young people will discover, understand and experience God’s deep love and adoration for them. Our longing is that our kids and young people will live out the lives that he calls us all to; to learn and walk with Him and to do all the things he did and more!






Family Space
Ages 0–2.5

Room for you and your baby/toddler to enjoy our main gathering with other parents and young children. 

Little Party
Ages 2.5–5

Although it sounds like a small party, this room is full of energy and excitement as some of our youngest children engage with and learn about God, the Bible and being a friend of Jesus! A morning full of fun activities, which include craft, toys, play, stories, worship and so much more! We have a team of passionate volunteers who love to engage our children in what it means to experience God for themselves.

Sign in 9.20am + 11.20am

Big Party
Ages 5–11 (P1 – P7)

Big Party is our environment for primary school aged children to share with each other what Jesus is doing in and through their lives! They get to worship, play games, learn about God and how to follow Jesus in their everyday lives. We are intentional with our time on a Sunday morning, ensuring that there is time to build friendships and pray together, whilst also welcoming the Holy Spirit into all aspects of our lives. Our incredible Big Party leaders help to facilitate and lead this environment but mostly we get to learn from and with the kids!

Sign in 9.20am + 11.20am

House Party
Ages 11–14

Gods moving in! This is our 11-14 environment which is all about learning and experiencing God moving into our lives, families, schools, sports teams and beyond. A community of young people where fun, energy and Jesus really matter! House Party runs every Sunday night apart from the first of the month. 6:30PM – 8PM at LVV Church Venue.

Search Party
Ages 14-18

The search is out! This is our 15+ youth movement which longs to see a generation of Jesus followers activated in Kingdom living and lifestyle. To passionately celebrate the activity of Jesus in our lives, the city of Lisburn and beyond. Search Party follows our bi-weekly Tribes rhythm & happens on Thursday nights 7:30PM – 9:00PM.

If we can help you or your children connect in anyway please get in touch with Jess or Chris.