Here at the Vineyard we are passionate about our children and young people discovering who Jesus is, learning to follow Him and learning to do all the things he did. There is no sideline here, we say yes to Jesus, we get to do what he did…and more!

The Bible is not just for reading, it’s for doing. Sunday is where we celebrate what we did with Jesus this week and what better way to do this than by throwing a party! 

Below you will find information about our different environments and the relevant age groups for each. If you have any questions or would like more information than you can find here say hello here – don’t be a stranger!






Family Space
Ages 0–2.5

Room for you and your baby/toddler to enjoy our main gathering with other parents and young children. 

Little Party
Ages 2.5–4

We have an incredible team of volunteers passionate about little people and creating a hugely fun environment for them to play, learn, worship and experience God.

Sign in from 10.20am

Big Party
Ages 5–10

Big party is the environment for primary school aged children to share with each other what Jesus is doing in and through their lives, they get to worship, chat pray and learn how to follow Jesus better. All whilst having an absolute blast!

Sign in from 10.20am

House Party
Ages 11–14+

Gods moving in! This is our 11-14 environment which is all about learning and experiencing God moving into our lives, families, schools, sports teams and beyond. A community of young people where fun, energy and Jesus really matter! House Party runs every Sunday night apart from the first of the month. 6:30PM – 7:30PM at LVV Church Venue.

Search Party
Ages 15+

The search is out! This is our 15+ youth movement which longs to see a generation of Jesus followers activated in Kingdom living and lifestyle. To passionately celebrate the activity of Jesus in our lives, the city of Lisburn and beyond. Search Party follows our bi-weekly Tribes rhythm & happens on Thursday nights 7:30PM – 9:00PM.

If we can help you or your children connect in anyway
please get in touch with Chris